Shakeology Review – What Other Shakeology Reviews Won’t Tell You

Shakeology ReviewIn this Shakeology review, we’ll discuss things that other so-called Shakeology reviews never cover. If you’re skeptical when it comes to meal replacements, you’re not alone. Many have questioned whether replacing meals with supplements is a healthy form of dieting, and whether or not it can actually provide you with the results that you’re seeking.

Enter Shakeology, a revolutionary meal replacement drink that is guaranteed to help you meet your weight loss goals while still providing you with all the quality vitamins and nutrients that you need to live a healthy lifestyle.

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Shakeology is a protein-rich powder that is easily added to water and blended to create a delicious shake that tastes great and will help get you on the path to weight loss right away. Shakeology is made with over 70 whole foods that have been gathered from around the world, giving you the widest variety of nutrients and vitamins imaginable. While weight loss is the most obvious side effect that Shakeology has, due to the nature of its ingredients there are other positive benefits that it offers as well. Shakeology can help lower your cholesterol, and is even proven to provide the body with extra boosts of energy and antioxidants.

Shakeology Review: The Shakeology Ingredients

Shakeology ReviewsMany times powdered supplements do more harm than good, and don’t contain enough nutrients to truly make a difference. Shakeology doesn’t have that problem. Thanks to the ingredients included in Shakeology you can rest assured that every nutrient has been hand-selected with one goal in mind – helping you lose weight and improving your health. The main source of protein found in Shakeology is whey, and is derived from milk and is one of the most bioavailable sources of protein in the world. This protein is a crucial part of any diet, and will help you reach your weight loss goals.

While whey protein is certainly an intricate aspect of Shakeology’s ingredients, it isn’t the only one. Shakeology also includes Acai berry, Goji berry, Spirulina, sprouted quinoa, and even green tea. There is no question that Shakeology is a great way to promote overall better health. The ingredients inside Shakeology fight damage caused by free radicals, in turn preventing diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

Shakeology Instructions: How to Make a Shakeology Shake

No Shakeology review should be complete without some instructions, and you’ll be excited to know that making a Shakeology shake is one of the easiest things you will do during your day. It takes just a few minutes to do, and even less time to enjoy.

Shakeology Instructions: Simply add a full scoop of Shakeology powder to water (milk or soy work as well), mix the ingredients together and drink. If you’re looking for a smoother, creamier texture you can also mix your Shakeology in a blender. Regardless, Shakeology is simple to prepare and tastes great.

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How Often Should You Drink Shakeology?

In the end it depends on the individual just how many meals you will replace with Shakeology. If you’re performing a Shakeology cleanse you will replace each meal with a Shakeology shake for a two or three day period. If you’re just looking to add Shakeology as a daily meal replacement you’re probably only going to want to replace one meal a day. Shakeology is a great tool for losing weight as a meal replacement, but it is important not to rely solely on Shakeology for an extended period of time.

It is important that you continue to maintain a healthy diet while using Shakeology. Even though Shakeology contains plenty of vegetables and other healthy ingredients, make sure you continue you meet all the other nutrient and fiber requirements as well. Even though Shakeology is a great form of meal replacement, when it is used as a post-workout supplement or on a daily basis you must maintain healthy eating habits.

Shakeology Reviews: Does Shakeology Taste Good?

Shakeology TasteThe idea of taste varies for each individual since every person’s taste buds are different. However, with Shakeology Beachbody has created two amazing flavors that are designed to taste great while still providing all the necessary nutrients that you require.

When you buy Shakeology, you’ll have the choice of two delicious flavors, chocolate and greenberry. Each is designed to taste ‘good’ to the user, and does a job of masking the flavors and taste of the ingredients.

One of the reasons Shakeology is so successful is because of the way it tastes. Generally, the hardest thing about eating healthy is forcing yourself to consume foods that you don’t always think taste good. Since Shakeology tastes great and is still healthy, it takes the hardest part of dieting right out of the picture.

What is even more remarkable about Shakeology is the fact that it tastes great without using refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. This means that you’re getting a great taste without any of the guilt or dangerous man-made chemicals that often accompany great tasting foods. As you’ll find mentioned in many Shakeology review articles, it tastes great and eliminates the problems that come from counting calories.

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